Cesar Fernandez Garcia   

(1967 – )

César Fernández García is a Spanish novelist and writer for young people. Was born in Madrid, Spain, on 22 April 1967. His books Have Been Distributed in over 20 territories and translated Are Into Several languages. His novels Have not didacticism or allegory. César Fernández García Believe That Meaning in modern literature for Children Should Be an undercurrent just beneath the surface. César Fernández García is one of the most renowned authors of Children's literature. He has published over thirty works of this literary genre, but also from novels of intrigue, poetry and novels of terror. He has won numerous literary prizes. The e-mail from evil (editorial Alfaguara) was a finalist in the Jaén City Award 2007. The roar of life (editorial Edebé) Edebé Award finalist 2007. The Spanish Catholic Commission for Children, in their awards CCEI, included in its Honor Roll the story No, no and no and his novel Do not say you're alone (editorial Bruño). His novel The last witch was Trasmoz Prize La Galera 2009. Jaén City won the 2009 Juvenile Literature for his novel They (editorial Montena, Random House Mondadori group). Has been translated into several languages, which include Turkish and Korean. (Translation from Spanish provided by Google Translate.)

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